Lada’s region

Laduv kraj

Lada’s Region is a tourist region lying between Prague and the river Sázava. It is named after one of the greatest personalities of Czech culture.

Josef Lada, author of the famous cat Mikeš and other talking animals, watermen, fairies, and the art rendition of Hašek’s “Švejk”, drew his inspiration from his native region around Hrusice his whole life.

Visit the local scenic hilly landscape full of forests, meadows, pastures, and ponds. Many sites will let you quickly forget that you are only a 30-minute drive away from the center of Prague!

It is worth visiting Lada’s region in any season. From spring to autumn you can explore it on foot, by bicycle, on horseback, as well as by scooter, which you can rent in one of the eight rental offices. In the winter you can go cross-country skiing, whether you want to go on the maintained trails or wander through the open terrain.

Ladův Kraj

Tourist and information centers

Tourist and information centers in Lada’s Region will provide you with detailed information about  the individual routes and the whole region. You can also buy hiking and cycling maps at these information points.