Summer trips

Cycle circuits


The Hrusice Circuit – Josef Lada and the Starry Sky

Length: 24.5 km
Mnichovice – 0020 – Mirošovice – 0025 – Hrusice – 0025 – 0023 (turn left) – Ondřejov – Zvánovice – 0023 – 0024 (turn left) – Struhařov – 0024 – 0022 (turn left) – Klokočná – Mnichovice

Both children and adults who enjoy going back to the world of fairy tales will enjoy this circuit. One has the chance to see Josef Lada’s birthplace, the country where his fairy tales are set. If you like cycling up a rather steep hill, you will enjoy the road from Hrusice to Ondřejov. It will definitely be worth the effort as one can find and visit an observatory at the end of the circuit, thus broadening one’s knowledge of the sky, so to speak. The road’s surface is mostly hard, village and district roads must be used occasionally.

The Říčany Circuit – Woods, Ponds, History

Length: 11 km
Říčany, train station – 0020 – Masarykovo nám. – 0021 – Jureček lido – 0020 – Říčany, train station

This route leading around the Říčany ponds takes you through the woods and the town. The historic and cultural sights situated along serve as an introduction into the history of the town of Říčany. The circuit is mostly hard, local roads are used occasionally. The route is gently sloping. Considering its length, it is, however, perfectly suitable for families with small children.

The Voděradské Bučiny Circuit – a Harmony All Year Round

Route length: 16 km (short modification) 18.5 km (long modification)
Short modification: Svojetice – 0031 – 0024 (turn left) – 0023 (turn left) – Louňovice – 0022 – Svojetice
Long modification: Svojetice – 0031 – green sign (continues 0031 but is only dotted in the map) – Legner Hotel Zvánovice – 0023 (turn left) – Louňovice – 0022 – Svojetice

The cycling trail leads through the picturesque and peaceable environment of Voděradské Bučiny and is mostly hard. The country here is only slightly rolling, making the circuit suitable for family with children.

The Velkopopovice and Kamenice Area Circuit – Going via the Beautiful Countryside towards the Significant Historic Sights
Length: 37 km
Mirošovice – 0020 – Senohraby – Hláska – (turn around) Senohraby – 0030 – Pyšely – 0028 – 0029 (turn left) – Kamenice – Kostelec u Křížků – The Ringhoffer Temple – 11 – Kamenice – Štiřín – 11 – 0028 (turn right) – 0029 (turn left) – Velké Popovice – Kunice – Stránčice
There are a number of sights for tourists on this route. These include the remains of the Zlenice Castle, the Kamenice and Štiřín chateaux, and the Velké Popovice brewery. As the road leads via the Velkopopovicko Natural Preserve, one can enjoy the beauties of the countryside as well. The circuit mostly uses local minor roads and other hard surface roads.