Interesting facts

  1. The Josef Lada and Alena Ladová memorial is placed in Lada’s former house in Hrusice. It was first open in June 1986
  2. There is an asteroid named Josef Lada (17625, 1996 AY1). It was discovered by P. Pravec and L. Šarounová from the Onřejov observatory, January 14th 1996.
  3. Josef Lada’s father was a shoemaker. At the age of one, little Josef fell over in his workroom and managed to hurt himself so unfortunately that he permanently lost sight in his right eye.
  4. Josef Lada was the youngest of four children. He had a brother named František and two sisters, Antonie and Marie.
  5. Lada’s famous cut out Nativity scene got published sixteen times.
  6. To this day, there are 16 different versions of Lada’s colouring pages.
  7. Each year 6 to 8 different calendars are published.
  8. Poet and a Nobel Prize laureate Jaroslav Seifert complemeted Lada’s illustration by his verses in book “…” first published in 1956.
  9. His single largest monograph got published in 2008 by Slovart publishers.
  10. His work is currently mostly published by the following: Albatros Publishers, BMSS Start, Dialog, Euromedia or Fragment.
  11. Other publishing houses printing Lada’s books are Albi, Akim, MFP Paper, Slovart, Gobi or Wissa.
  12. The book “Mikes”, translated into German by Otfried Preussler, got the Jugendbuchpreiss (book for young readers) award in 1963.
  13. His illustrations to “Good soldier Svejk” set the main theme to the interior design of 40 Svejk restaurants located in cities all over the Czech Republic.
  14. There’s so called “Lada’s Region”, an area surrounding his birthplace in central Bohemia, that draws upon the painters legacy and tries to remain active in reminding its visitors of his work.
  15. Lada had cooperated with a number of magazines (both Czech and foreign) and his drawings are still frequently used to complement various articles or the work of other artists (including musicians). Posters, calendars, postage stamps, theatre props and backdrops, posters, LP, MC, CD, VHS or DVD covers, tea mugs, beer glasses, grocery or cosmetic products covers, toys… you name it. Everything features the artwork of Josef Lada.
  16. He’d also cooperated with the Czech radio and TV producers in the making of various films (documentary, live action and animated movies) and TV series “Mikes”, “Cunning Godmother Fox”, “Bogeyman and Water Sprites” and“Nursery Rhymes”.
  17. To complement Jaroslav Hašek’s “Good Soldier Svejk”, Lada’s drawn over 1350 illustrations (both colour and black and white). New editions of this book still get published in many countries all over the world.  The 1956 animated (puppet) version of the movie “Svejk” by Jiří Trnka is considered a treasure of the Czech cinematography.